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Children Hip Hop

Hip-hop dancing has many key health and fitness benefits, in addition to those already associated with dance exercise. Benefits of hip-hop dance include the following:
  • Hip-hop dancing helps building up stamina - If you’re struggling to stay the pace in your running exercise, hip-hop dancing could offer an unexpected form of cross-training, to build up your stamina and muscular resistance. Through fun and funky workouts you won’t even notice how long you’ve been dancing for, so why not give hip-hop exercise a try?
  • Hip-hop dancing helps work your heart - With heart disease at an all-time high, there has never been a better time to exercise your pulmonary muscles. Hip-hop dancing is a great form of cardiovascular (CV) exercise and really gets the heart pumping. So what are you waiting for? Get to the heart of the matter with hip-hop ...
  • Hip-hop dancing forges a positive mind - With all the doom and gloom surrounding the credit crunch, it would be easy to lose all faith in the modern world and hide under a rock somewhere. Don’t lose hope just yet though as help could be at hand in the surprise form of hip-hop dancing. Exercise is a great way of keeping your mind in shape and the pleasures of hip-hop dance will soon have you leaping around with aplomb. So banish the blues and get dancing!
  • Burning off calories through hip-hop dancing - With a range of movements required of its participants, hip-hop dancing will soon burn off those unwanted calories in no time. Losing weight doesn’t mean trundling on a treadmill until the end of time. Hip-hop dancing will get you moving, as well as offering an entertaining and highly sociable workout.
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